Pretty sweet loot box from Heroes of the Storm

Two legendary’s and an epic.  I’m not normally lucky!

I’ve been playing for around probably around 5-6 weeks.  It’s a damn good game actually, and it’s free.  I’ve put a little bit of money into it, but no more than I’d have expected to pay for a game like this.  It’s got me a load of characters and I’m happy with it.

For anyone who wants to see the best game I’ve ever seen, then watch the video below.  I watched it live on twitch and it was really exciting.  One team (GenG) leading up to this series of matches hadn’t lost a single game all competition until they met Dignitas in the finals.   I never expected an e-sport game to get catch my attention like this!  I love Dignitas, but the team I truly support are Method.

Steam summer sale!

Oh it’s one of the worse times of the year for my wallet…  The Steam summer sale is upon us!  I’ve already been forced to buy Dishonored 2 – I wonder what else I’ll have to get… 🙂

Edit:  OK so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  I also got HELLDIVERS and Motorsport Manager.  I think I’d have bought more but I’ve just moved jobs and I’m a bit preoccupied.